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Proverb textLanguageProverb categoryAdditional informationPicture
(To fall) Out of the frying pan into the fire.English
(Это) капля в море.Russian
A creaking cart goes long on the wheels.EnglishExperience
A la chante on connaît l'oiseau.FrenchLabor
A bad bird, a bad egg.EnglishMeasure
A bad shearer never has a good sickle.EnglishHuman limits
A bad workman quarrels with his tools.EnglishHuman limits
A beau mentir qui vient de loin.French
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.EnglishExperience
A bird is known by its song.EnglishExperience
A black hen lays a white egg.EnglishTrue values
A boda ni a bautismo no vayas sin ser llamado.Spanish
A bon chat, bon rat.FrenchMeasure
A bon entendeur demi-mot.FrenchSentences
A bow long bent at last waxeth weak.EnglishMeasure
A buen entendedor, pocas palabras.SpanishSentences
A buen hambre no falta salsa.SpanishBasic
A buen principio, buen final.SpanishMeasure
A buon intenditor, poche parole.ItalianSentences
A burden of one's own choice is not felt.EnglishSentences
A burnt child dreads the fire.EnglishExperience
A cada chancho su San Martín.SpanishBasic
A cada necio agrada su porrada.SpanishSentences
A cada necio le agrada su porrada.SpanishExperience
A cada oveja, su pareja.SpanishMeasure
A cada pájaro le gusta su nido.SpanishExperience
A carpenter is known by his chips.EnglishLabor
A cattiva vacca Dio da corte corna.ItalianBasic
A chacum plaît le sort de la nature.FrenchSentences
A chaque oisean son nid est beau.FrenchExperience
A chaque oiseau son nid est beau.FrenchMeasure
A chaque pot son couvercle.FrenchMeasure
A chi ha fortuna, il bue gli fa un vitello.ItalianExperience
A ciascun piace il suo.ItalianSentences
A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast.EnglishSentences
A cock is valiant on his own dunghill.EnglishMeasure
A creaking door hangs long on its hinges.EnglishExperience
A cross on his breast, and the devil in his heart.EnglishExperience
A dry March, wet April and cool May fill barn and cellar and bring much hay.EnglishBasic
A dure roure, dure cognée.FrenchMeasure
A duro ceppo, dura accetta.ItalianMeasure
A falta de bueyes labra con burros.SpanishHuman limits
A falta de olla, bueno es pan y una cebolla.SpanishBasic
A fat belly, a lean brain.English
A faute de chapon, pain et oignon.FrenchBasic
A fifth wheel to a coach.English
A fiume torbido guandagno di pescatore.ItalianChance and fate
A fool may give a wise man counsel.EnglishHuman limits
A forgetful head makes a weary pair of heels.EnglishIgnorance
A fortuna i forti aiuta, e i timidi rifiuta.ItalianBasic
A fou – fortune.FrenchIgnorance
A friend in need is a friend indeed.EnglishCaution
A goccia a goccia s'incava la pietra.ItalianSentences
A good beginning makes a good ending.EnglishMeasure
A good name is better than gold.EnglishSentences
A granello a granello s'empie lo stato e si fa il monte.ItalianMeasure
A grosse enclume, gros marteau.FrenchMeasure
A guilty conscience always makes people cowards.EnglishBasic
A happy medium.English
A healthy mind in a healthy body.EnglishBasic
A hombre valiente el passado no se le cuente.SpanishHuman relations
A hungry belly hates a sermon.EnglishBasic
A l'homme heureux, son boeuf lui fait des veaux.FrenchExperience
A l'impossible nul n'est tenu.FrenchHuman limits
A l'ongle on connaît le lion.French
A la guerre comme a la guerre.Italian
A la guerre comme à la guerre.French
A la vaca brava, Dios le quita los cuernos.SpanishBasic
A la vulpeja dormida, no le cae nada en la boca.SpanishLabor
A lie has no legs.EnglishJustice
A lie never lives to be old.EnglishJustice
A little spark kindles a great fire.EnglishBasic
A little venom bittereth much sweet.English
A living dog is better than a dead lion.EnglishExperience
A lo hecho, pecho.SpanishHuman relations
A long tongue is a sign of a short hand.EnglishMeasure
A lord without riches is a soldier without arms.EnglishHuman relations
A mal nudo, mal cuña.SpanishMeasure
A man can do no more than he can.EnglishHuman limits
A man cannot whistle and drink at the same time.EnglishBasic
A man is known by the company he keeps.EnglishHuman relations
A man may lead a horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink.EnglishBasic
A man's best fortune, or his worst, is his wife.EnglishExperience
A married man turns his staff into a stake.EnglishExperience
A mocedad ociosa, vejez trabajosa.SpanishSentences
A moitié fait qui a bien commencé.FrenchExperience
A muertos y idos, no hay más amigos.Spanish
A más diñero, más cuidado.SpanishBasic
A panza llena no le gusta estudiar.Spanish
A penna a penna si pela l'oca.ItalianBasic
A penny saved is a penny got.EnglishBasic
A pescedillo que se ha perder, alilas le han de nacer.SpanishSentences
A pitcher, that goes often to the well is broken at last.EnglishHuman limits
A qui la fortune est belle, son boeuf vêle.FrenchExperience
A quien Dios quiere bien, la perra le pare puercos.SpanishExperience
A quien le dan el dedo se toma toda la mano.SpanishHuman relations
A quien se ayuda, Dios lo ayuda.SpanishCaution
A quien se hace de miel las moscas se lo comen.SpanishHuman relations
A renard endormi rien ne tombe dans la queue.FrenchLabor
A sound mind in a sound body.EnglishBasic
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